We Heart Books

I remember the first night I encountered Brunswick Bound, and I remember it well.

I was dining at the tasty Vietnamese restaurant across the road with two of my pals. We were greeted by an excited waiter who was  exclaiming “Beautiful boys, very beautiful boys!” whilst directing us to sit in the window. My hair was short, but hey buddy – not that short. My male friends were having a worthy giggle at my expense while I tried to get a glance of my supossedly masculine features in the window.

And that’s when I saw it.

A lit up window chancing a glimpse of  a Tom Civil mural. The glow was inviting, the artwork was first-rate and the window display below promised a wealth of books that I was now itching to sink my teeth into. I considered my break in options to survey this delightful addition to Sydney Road, but my spring rolls had arrived and my thirst for knowledge was soon exchanged for vegetable rolls dipped in hot sauce.

So you can imagine we’re pretty chuffed to have Brunswick Bound on board for Bend and Snap this month! But don’t just take our word for it, come down and check out this independent bookstore’s stall this Sunday featuring a large eclectic range of books. Alongside books they also stock loads of Australian designers for jewellery, giftware & stationery and you’ll probably dig their collection of cds, vinyl & dvds too!

But hey, this was my crush first so…. you know… find your own… or whatever…


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