My Kind of Treasure

I’ve never been a pirate nor have I ever hunted for real treasure. In fact the closest I got was quite accidental. Back in my do-gooder days when I was just a know-it-all teen, myself and my year eight boyfriend (unnecessary detail) were sent to the local kindergarten for community service. The memory is a bit fuzzy but I’m pretty sure we were sent there for a voluntary program and not to repay a debt to society. I could be wrong. Any way we were busy building unsuccessful castles in the sandpit when a soggy, smelly, shell-less egg was uncovered. I’m not sure what the Pirate Code is for unwanted treasure but we reburied the delight for another lucky treasure seeker and got the freak out of there.

This was just the beginning of my treasure seeking days, but I keep it a lot less smelly nowadays. Fittingly my favourite item this cup weekend are the gorgeous fascinators lovingly handmade by Pleasure, Little Treasure. Choose from a range of individual styles this Sunday at Bend and Snap! If you’re not horsing around this weekend she also has groovy headbands, hair clips and sweet necklaces on offer. Hurry up already Sunday!


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