Bend & Snap Gift Guide

You’ll find something for everyone at Bend and Snap this Sunday! Here’s a few suggestions for some inspiration…

Super cute – Supper tasty Gingerbread Men from Pom Pom Parlour 

Perfect for those you never know what to buy for – so long as they last the trip home! We’ve sampled the goods and hot dang it’s the softest, most delicious G-Bread ever

Le Roi Cocktail Ring by Lost Property

Totally one of those “my sister would love this” but Freud would say it’s you who actually wants it. Hey we don’t blame you, we’ll probably be fighting you to the table for it

twothousandandtwelve Calendar by Cloud Machine

Got a last minute KK you mega forgot to buy?

Illustrated Calendar.


“Interlude” Leather Bag by Edfield

I totally know what you’re thinking – how are you going to carry all the goodies home? Well duh, we’ve got you covered there too. Swing by Efield’s stall for a sweet leather bag. (We recommend her new necklaces too – you might want to keep one of those for yourself)

Stephen Christmas Card by The Gently Unfurling Sneak

It’s rude to open the present before the card so you may as well make it just as worthy as the gift with a hilarious card like Stephen here.

On ya Stevey


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