Gifty Guide Round Two

A3 Screen Printed Poster by Symphonic Pixels

Puzzled asks “What do you buy someone who has everything?

You’re looking at it buster. Beautiful and collectible.

Green Bunny by Mystique Creations

If it’s not the cutest astro turf bunny you’ve ever seen I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Nothing can change my mind – except maybe this little guy wrapped under my christmas tree…

oh you!

Green Floppy Disk Ring by Miscii

Y’all know retro was in before it was cool… what?

Whatever, remember these floppy disks? Rock some obsolete tech hardware on your salad fingers this Summer.

You Bloody Whacker Card by Hannakin

As if everyone on your christmas card list doesn’t need this card?

Loads more quirky & cute illustrations and cards from Hannakin available this Sunday

Course Citrine Necklace by Lily Holiday

Guaranteed to look as good on you as it does on this handsome glass bottle.


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