Crystal rings by Jux.

Oh halloween. Prepare yourself for a big bad one with the goodness available this Sunday 28th October. There will be so many skull rings from ECHOES OF A DREAM and keep a look out for the skull hair clips and drape yourself and your all of your surrounds with a spooky bunting with pumpkin orange stripes and cute little bats by LOUIE AND THE FOX.


With foxes on the mind, watch out for the Silver Fox with FUJINELLA and confuse all them foxy monsters with the meticulous designs of CATHERINE PILGRIM.


Playfully fright with all your friends with the cute pebble pieces by STEF COLLECTION who will be your instant best friends while you reach for the stars and keep safe as you cloak yourself with the fine vintage garments WHERE ARE MY STARS? to keep yourself perfectly protected and well poised and presented as you…


Protect your skull from all frights from any fanciful frolicks (while keeping very fancy) thank you to DELIGHTFULLY DILETTANTE and keep your hunger at bay with some tasty chocolate freckle jewels from CHLOE WADDELL oh and be sure to seek out ORANGE OWL TEXTILES for the hand screen printed towels so very cool that you won’t want to use to clean up any sort of halloween-induced-mess, but boy are they neat bits of art.


Be the complete woman with IIHITA stand out from the halloween frights with one-off pieces from JUDE.



See JULIE CANNON JEWELLERY  for a pair of shuffling robot ornaments for your ears and channel the good spirits with some amazing crystal rings atop copper antique spoons with JUX.


Keep frightfully organised with toolkits and tote bags by L’CALL to prepare yourself for a faux (or not-so-faux) zombie apocalypse and seek more essential items from SOLAR FLARE CREATIONS  with their custom made Medieval Armour – need I say more?


This Sunday 28th October, while most of the Halloween parties are kicking it early this weekend – there is always the horrorshow +++ TRICK OR TEES? +++  event upstairs and downstairs at 1000 £ Bend on Halloween night to show off all your tricks and/or treats and embrace the Halloweeeeen vibez. RSVP: howdy@getnotorious.com for guest list.


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