image from nine and a half fingers.

Summer lovvve is in the air this Sunday 25th of November we present you with our usual monthly art design vintage and fashion feast with the 1000 £ Bend gallery stuffed with unique statement pieces and handcraft jewellery and wearable art, burlesque and pin up clothing and accessories, vintage and second hand clothing, vintage inspired tote bags. There will be no shortage of quirky accessories for you and your home, delicious goat soap, aromatic candles, and a load of handmade cuteness from hand-sewn creatures and treasures and amazing artwork from street art muses to whimsical artworks and then some a little more macabre.

We have scrubbed up so nicely for you this November with some delicious goat milk from MY GOAT SOAP to get you heart bleating so sweetly and an amazingly aromatic range from NATURAL AROMATIC CANDLES to fill your home and surrounds with dreamy deliciousness.

We have some amazing artwork courtesy a troupe of talents like the bloodthirsty and cute NINE AND A HALF FINGERS where you may find pictures of spooky little victorian girls, licentious flappers, partying zombie flappers and possibly a Polar Bear along with the wonderful work of the lovely FLYING BEE’S LOVE ART TRAVEL(you may have spotted her painting a frenzy of ethereal watercolour portraits along Swanston Street) and a whole miscellany of hand-crafted goods from SYLVERFOX DESIGN.There will be a range of vintage-inspired reversible tote bags for all of your needs, and MacBooks too by L’CALL (pronounced le-call) and a cornucopia of cool clothing, from upcoming emerging designers with playful garments to brocade covered treasures, and a vintage and second hand galore from BANANA WEDNESDAYS, IIHITA, HERBERT FOUND & HERBERT MADE, LIBERTY’S HEART and MISS EMILIE’S VINTAGE BOUTIQUE.

You will find delightful homewares from LOUIE AND THE FOX with beautiful buntings and crocheted goods and an array of crafty sweetness, CLOUD MACHINE on a cumulative mission of bringing back the lost art of letter writing with eco-stationary and many other treats and hand-selected quality textiles and unique products contemporary styles for the modern home by GOOD TIME CHARLIE.

Jewellery and all the accessories you could need plus leaving you inspired and lusting for more with EELAV McBEE, THE SOFT TYPEWRITER giving vintage typewriters a new lease of life as rings and cuff links, the wearing art from BOLDANDSTRIKING, floral, feminine, quirky and cute pieces from RUBY LOUISE, modern, unique and invidivdual pieces from JULIE CANNON JEWELLERY, the sweetly subservise designs from SUCRE NOIR, one of a kind handcrafted jewellery using copper, various stones, crystals and recycled materials such as antique spoons and old pennies from JUX, handcrafted Glass Beads by SOLAR FLARE CREATIONS  and some delicious bespoke items and a range of Burlesque, Pin-up, Vintage, Vaudeville, Steampunk, Circus, or the era’s of 1920’s through to the 1960’s by SIDESHOW ANNIE COSTUME PARLOUR.

So come, come in, squeeze in some early Christmas shopping and spoil yourself with some goodness at our market between further feasting on some tasty treats from the 1000 £ Bend café. Delish.

It is the most perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


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