hello 2013.


(the creature workshop‘s explorer fox lusting after a little bend and snap market love)

Hello 2013. Bend and Snap Market is back with a bang this month on Sunday 24th February 11:00am to 4:00pm, making Sunday afternoons even more beautiful, filling the 1000 £ Bend gallery with an extravaganza of art design fashion vintage and various other miscellany. Some things you will find at market day include carefully crafted plushies, unique handmade jewellery, amazing artwork, a huge collection of vintage clothing and reworked vintage bits and we will even have the darling ALLYSON DEARING READING TAROT tarot reader at market day (bookings can be made online for times – allysondearing@hotmail.com.au), satisfying all of your tarot reading needs.

Nestled within the gallery amongst the Kane Hibberd exhibition featuring a collection of his wonderful music photography (opening night and book signing is Wednesday 20th February at 1000 £ Bend, 6:00pm to 9:00pm), come for a frolicking fossick and see all of our talented stall holders whilst marvelling at some spectacular photography draped about our gallery walls.

And come to play and feast on the tasty treats served up by our deliciously revamped cafe, hang out for the Sunday acoustic sessions and fossick about the market for some amazing treasures to inspire and delight.

There will be a beautiful selection of high quality silk scarves that are lovingly hand dyed using only natural items from the home and garden and some colorful handmade polymer clay beaded necklaces by AGNES & I, the lovely AMANDA NAOMI making the world prettier one handmade accessory at a time, ANOTHER LABEL BY YOU clothing and accessories to meet the tastes of the discerning woman, elegant and unique jewellery with love by AVEC AMOUR, creations originales laiton, perles de verre, bouton, plumes by BOUCLELA, unique handcrafted jewellery using copper, various stones, crystals and recycled materials such as antique spoons and old pennies by JUX,  wooden geometric necklaces by our sweetheart MISS EMILIES, handcrafted jewellery by PROSE EDDA, sparkly, elegant and unusual earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and many other things created with sterling silver and Swarowski crystals by SEBO HANDMADE JEWELLERY, and sweet treats by SWEETHEART SMASH.

A little spoilt for choice with so much jewellery! And to haul and beautifully store all the wonderful jewellery purchases, look no further than to another of our darling stall holders MUJI DESIGNS for their beautiful handcrafted wooden jewellery (and other miscellany) holders. Très magnifique!

We also have a collection of talented crafters and collectors including THE CREATURE WORKSHOP with Handmade and Unique Creatures created by recycled and repurposed objects and materials and inspired by vintage and modern crafts, FOR THE LOVE OF VINTAGE items created with a unique blend of materials and inspiration taken from some of the most loved eras Innovative handmade items, LOUIE & THE FOX‘s quirky accessories for you and your home, the creations that have escaped the mind and body of MAD SCIENCE AT WORK and all sorts of cute & crafty stuff with accessories, bags, jewellery, toys, collectibles and bunnies all inspired by retro children’s illustrations, art Nnouveau design, japanese design, shiny stuff and fabric by RABBIT TO BUNNY.

And be sure to peruse through the massive selection of amazing vintage by HOKEY POKEY VINTAGE, a unique mix of ladies & guys clothing and accessories with all items hand selected to bring you the finest range of awesome one-off pieces, so expect to find rare and exotic treasures from all eras.

So come one, come all to our first of many marvellous market days at Bend and Snap Market running the last Sunday of each month at 1000 £ Bend 361 Little Lonsdale Street in the city beginning this Sunday 24th February 11:00am to 4:00pm. Much fossicking and fun to be had!!!


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