easter sunday market.

Imagea pop up living room filled with an assortment of glasswares, the good silver and handmade jewellery.

ImageJux‘s iconic and one-of-a-kind rings.

ImageMatt Nicholl’s Jewellery.

Imageembroidered brooches featuring crystals and glass beads on hand painted fabric by Little Pictures.

ImageVisual treats by The Laughing Eye.

Imagecompasses, flower crowns, cupcake rings and bottled goodness from Jack’s Calling.

ImageMiss Emilie‘s geometric branches of goodness.

ImageElephants from Precious Little Sakura.

ImageOh deer, it’s Precious Little Sakura.

ImageMy Goat Soap, Candle Aromas, Precious Little Sakura and Miss Emilie’s Handmade.

a selection of snaps from our market day on Easter Sunday last weekend. See more of the snaps from market day here. Big love to each of our wonderful stall holders for the day AVEC AMOUR, BAILEY NELSON, CANDLE AROMAS, JACK’S CALLING, JUX, THE LAUGHING EYE, LITTLE PICTURES EMBROIDERED BROOCHES, MADAM AND EVE, MATT NICHOLLS JEWELLERY, MISS EMILIE’S HANDMADE, MY GOAT SOAP, PRECIOUS LITTLE SAKURA, RACHEL SHI and TIM GOSHNICK.

Next market date will be on Sunday 28th April 11:00pm to 4:00pm, keep an ear out for our sensory overloading market day with our usual art design fashion and vintage emporium including treats from henna tattoos to cake pops to munch on. See you all then!


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