Miss Etiquette


We speak with Miss Etiquette herself, Kate (formerly from Keep Me Cute), a little about her cupcake decorating stall at this months Bend and Snap Market, her inspirations and dreams as well as the upcoming launch of her new business specialising in little ladies tea parties.

1. Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku (short poem with three lines comprising 5 syllables, 7 syllables, then 5 syllables).
I dream of flying,
But like a bird without wings,
I must learn to walk.

2. Tell us a little about the origins of Miss Etiquette.
There’s something so precious about taking time to do life elegantly. I’ve always enjoyed tea with my mother, poured from an intricately floral teapot into our china cups, She taught me to relax and enjoy these treasured moments. This is where my little ladies tea parties grew from, I wish to instill a love for elegance among young girls, and encourage their desire to be a lady.

3. Describe your creative process.
I don’t so much have a creative process I guess, but rather give thought to what excites young children and how they would like their parties to be. I so cherished my birthday parties as a child and I want to help in creating these fond memories for others.

4. What inspires you the most?
My goals are what keeps me going, and my abundant love for children.

5. Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.
There’s so much talent in Melbourne, I’m lucky to say I’m surrounded by wonderful people creating lovely things. a few of these are;

Kate and Rose, scented soy candles and other goodies, I’m totally addicted her chai candle!!

Littlelove_designs, can be found on instagram, soon to open a Facebook page also. This dear friend of mine, hand makes all her beads, then using them to create fun and playful necklace designs. They’re a great addition to any outfit!

Vintage Linen & Collectables has a wonderful collection of table cloths, perfect for a tea party.

6. What are your ultimate dreams for Miss Etiquette?
To open a Miss Etiquette Tea Parlour, where we can pamper and play parties all day, And also Importantly be hassle free for parents.

7. What will will we find from Miss Etiquette at our April Bend and Snap Market?
You will find child like joy at my cupcake decorating stall, filled with sprinkles, sparkles, flowers and fancies, How could you resist? you’ll also find me, if you’d like to learn any more about Miss Etiquette, do ask!

So get sweetened up for some delish cupcake decorating with MISS ETIQUETTE and be sure to drape yourself with the delicate pieces by AGNES & I, sniff out the aromatic amazement by CANDLE AROMAS, cosy up with the creature comforts from THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, get dreamy with DREAMING CO, wonderful wares from EELAV MCBEE CRAFT, amazing jewellery by FLEUR DESIGNS, binge on the sweet treats from GINGER GOLD, statement pieces from JUX, get dandier than a dandelion with JACK’S CALLING, cover yourself in HENNA courtesy of the talented KAJAL, lather up amongst MY GOAT SOAP, fossick about the sustainable sweetness from NINE YAKS, soak up a dreamy daze with PIXIE DAYS, handmade furnishings PRECIOUS LITTLE SAKURA, run wild with RUN WILD HORSES, shine bright like a diamond with SEBO-HANDMADE JEWELLERY, search through the treasures from SEMICOLON, interactive doodling fun with THE SCRIBBLE PROJECT with THE SCRIBBLE PROJECT TATTOO PARLOUR and journey through time and space with WHERE ARE MY STARS? and other delish delights at our upcoming market date at 1000 £ Bend on Sunday 28th April 11:00pm to 4:00pm at 361 Little Lonsdale Street in the city. Insta lovers should follow us on Instagram @bendandsnapmarket . And any keen bean stall holders wanting to get amongst our beautiful bonanza of delights on Sunday 28th April apply here. Much fun to be had!!!



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