Agnes & I


a little interview with the lovely Jacinta about the to-dye-for-scarves from Agnes & I.

Tell us a little about the origins of Agnes & I.
I have been attending local craft markets for most of my life now. I always wanted to have a stall and a product of my very own, and one day the idea of making something individual, natural and beautiful came to me. I love that my scarves are one of a kind and that people really appreciate the time that goes into them and intention behind using things that are more environmentally friendly. My necklaces are something for a bit of fun. I have always made beaded jewellery, and I guess it just evolves as I do, and will always continue to change in color, materials and style.

Describe your creative process.
I’ve done quite a bit of research on Natural Dying now, and let me tell you, the info ain’t that easy to find, but more specifically, the ‘recipes’ are hard to get out of people. Everything is a bit vague. Types of plants and kinds of mordants are mentioned, but steeping times, temperatures, quantities, it all comes down to scientific experimentation. I guess nature itself changes and is a bit unreliable for consistency, so even if I had this info my items would turn out differently every time anyhow, but it all just adds to the thrill of it! One of the funniest times was when making coleslaw with purple carrots and as I was grating them my hands turned bright purple and I had that ‘Eureeka!’ moment. I scrapped the side dish for dinner, chucked the carrots in a pot, grabbed my silk and started dying. Dinner was a bit delayed and a bit of a letdown, but I was still happy with my breakthrough.

What inspires you the most?
My family has always been crafty and creative. My Opa (Dutch grandfather) could do pretty much make or fix anything- numerous toys, bikes, dollhouses and furniture came out of his garage after a rainy days work tinkering away. My Oma (Dutch grandmother) was a dressmaker making everything from baby clothes to funky 60s teenage stuff for my mum to 9 wedding dresses for family and friends. My mum would mend everything and even knit us the best little cherry pompom hats as babies. I also remember a particularly funny point in time when neon g-string leotards were in fashion for aerobics, she had orders coming in left right and centre from the ladies at the gym! My sister is a bit of a freak genius; she dreams up little creatures and has always lived in an imaginary world of her own. I draw inspiration from all of them and am very lucky for all they have shown me.

What are your ultimate dreams for Agnes & I?
To continue to find new items from nature to dye with. To carry on being endlessly fascinated with the odd and amazing colors nature gives you; when you boil a green leaf and never ever does it stay green! I’d like to continue to make my scarves, but perhaps start a range of other wearable items or homewares.

What will we find from Agnes & I at our April Bend and Snap Market?
I have recently started a new rust dying on silk technique so a few debut pieces will be available for the very first time. (Thank goodness I’m up to date with my tetanus shots!) They are gorgeous hues of creams, oranges, bronzes and browns, made from rusty items from my Opa’s garage, and perfectly colored for autumn weather. I’ve also made a few new onion print patterned scarves as they have been very popular, so snap one up while those are in stock, since they take weeks to develop and process. And I’ve been busy baking beads too, so my necklace collection has doubled, now focusing on bold duo colors; almond, tan and dark grey bases with pops of deep burgundy, forest green and royal purple for this chillier weather.

So be sure to drape yourself with the delicate pieces by AGNES & I, sniff out the aromatic amazement by CANDLE AROMAS, cosy up with the creature comforts from THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, get dreamy with DREAMING CO, wonderful wares from EELAV MCBEE CRAFT, amazing jewellery by FLEUR DESIGNS, binge on the sweet treats from GINGER GOLD, statement pieces from JUX, get dandier than a dandelion with JACK’S CALLING, cover yourself in HENNA courtesy of the talented KAJAL, decorate cupcakes with sprinkles, sparkles, flowers and fancies with MISS ETIQUETTE, lather up amongst MY GOAT SOAP, fossick about the sustainable sweetness from NINE YAKS, soak up a dreamy daze with PIXIE DAYS, handmade furnishings PRECIOUS LITTLE SAKURA, run wild with RUN WILD HORSES, shine bright like a diamond with SEBO-HANDMADE JEWELLERY, search through the treasures from SEMICOLON, interactive doodling fun with THE SCRIBBLE PROJECT with THE SCRIBBLE PROJECT TATTOO PARLOUR and journey through time and space with WHERE ARE MY STARS? and other delish delights at our upcoming market date at 1000 £ Bend on Sunday 28th April 11:00pm to 4:00pm at 361 Little Lonsdale Street in the city. Insta lovers should follow us on Instagram @bendandsnapmarket . And any keen bean stall holders wanting to get amongst our beautiful bonanza of delights on Sunday 28th April apply here. Much fun to be had!!!


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