Imagejux mosaic ring.

Imagejux pyrite ring.

Imagejux crystal cluster / pyrite rings.

Imagejux brass and copper ring.

We speak with Bend and Snap regular, Perle, the creator of JUX the provocateur of transforming pyrite crystal clusters brass copper coins Italian glass mosaics crystals and various precious stones into amazing unique statement pieces.

Tell us a little about the origins of JUX.
JUX is Melbourne based label producing unique hand crafted jewellery using copper, various stones, crystals and recycled materials such as antique spoons and old coins. JUX came about pretty organically; I finished my Fashion Design degree in 2012 and travelled to Europe for a few months. When I came back from overseas, I didn’t want to go straight back to working at a café and I wasn’t ready to start a proper career job. My dad has a farm with a workshop where he makes spoon rings and leather bags to sell at markets. He taught me a few things, for example how to solder, cut and polish metal etc. From that I made a few rings and posted them on Facebook which had a good response. I then applied for markets, slowly built up a collection and the next month moved in to my own studio.

Describe your creative process.
My creative process is pretty much my quest to find interesting stones, crystals and recycled materials. Once I find myself excited by an object, I try and figure out how to develop it into a wearable piece of jewellery.

What inspires you the most.
I find myself being inspired by my everyday surroundings; I’m constantly looking down when I’m walking through the city or at my farm, in case I find something that could be incorporated into my jewellery or give me new ideas. Not to mention the beautiful natural minerals I hand pick or the old antique spoons and interesting old coins I collect. The reaction from people when they see my work is very encouraging too.

What are your ultimate dreams for JUX.
I am completely open for what the plans for JUX are in the future. I am currently learning how to work with silver, which I am very excited about. Of course it would be an absolute dream for JUX to continue to grow here in Melbourne and eventually overseas.

What will we find from JUX at our April Bend and Snap Market
I’m very excited about the new range of pyrite and crystal cluster rings. They are the ultimate statement piece! I’ve also made some more melted brass and copper rings, which are personally my favourite. I’m loving the new collection of Italian glass mosaic rings in an array of pastel colours, which are quite the contrast to some of the other bold pieces.  Plus there will be the usual assortment of stone rings, coin rings and crystal pendants!

So be sure to lust love and lavish over the wonderful new creations by JUX (peek at the range of remarkable pieces here) and drape yourself with the delicate pieces by AGNES & I, sniff out the aromatic amazement by CANDLE AROMAS, cosy up with the creature comforts from THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, get dreamy with DREAMING CO, wonderful wares from EELAV MCBEE CRAFT, amazing jewellery by FLEUR DESIGNS, binge on the sweet treats from GINGER GOLD, get dandier than a dandelion with JACK’S CALLING, cover yourself in HENNA courtesy of the talented KAJAL, a huge vintage clearance from KEEP ME CUTE, decorate cupcakes with sprinkles, sparkles, flowers and fancies with MISS ETIQUETTE, lather up amongst MY GOAT SOAP, fossick about the sustainable sweetness from NINE YAKS, soak up a dreamy daze with PIXIE DAYS, handmade furnishings PRECIOUS LITTLE SAKURA, run wild with RUN WILD HORSES, shine bright like a diamond with SEBO-HANDMADE JEWELLERY, search through the treasures from SEMICOLON, interactive doodling fun with THE SCRIBBLE PROJECT with THE SCRIBBLE PROJECT TATTOO PARLOUR and journey through time and space with WHERE ARE MY STARS? and other delish delights at our upcoming market date at 1000 £ Bend on Sunday 28th April 11:00pm to 4:00pm at 361 Little Lonsdale Street in the city. Insta lovers should follow us on Instagram @bendandsnapmarket . And any keen bean stall holders wanting to get amongst our beautiful bonanza of delights on Sunday 28th April apply here. Much fun to be had!!!


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