a september wishlist and a selection of haikus.

Candles made with love
Delicious scents of New York
Hand poured in Melbourne
Bedford & Grove

binding and folding
my life in a piece of cloth
keep close to your heart
Bind I Fold

We are a magazine.
Our stories ruffle feathers
But mostly our own
The Canary Press

Handmade floral smocks
Young kids can be hipsters too
We can make it so
Courtney Elise

Nail art obsessed
Creating things makes me whole
Big perfectionist
Critter Claws

I hear a design,
Driven to create by hand,
Captured forever.
Forget Me Not Engraving

Sewing and cross-stitch
From crafter based in Melbourne
Hoops and thread abound
The Girl & Her Nightingale

some pretty pictures
a collective of creatures
also some vikings

Art for me is joy
Big fun abstract loud crazy
Fluid expression
Loretta D’onofrio

The Forest and Fairies
All know the mushroom magic
Will light the way home
Lowglo Luminaries

Rather eclectic
Love knitting and designing
Perpetual learner

Nerd culture crafted
into beauty, function, and
Nerd Craft

My head’s in the clouds,
cloaked in smoke shrouds.
from burning long dead giants.
Of Wood & Ash

Crazy owl lady
seeking creative outlet
makes all sorts of owls
Scrabble Kitty

Pastries and Cupcakes,
Made with Spoonfuls of Love,
Goodies baked to share.
Spoonfuls of Love

Draws fun characters
Whilst listening to Ramones
Don’t forget some cake!
Tom Cartoonist

Happy 2nd Birthday to us! Here are just a small handful of some of the (many) wonderful wares melting our hearts this upcoming market day. Peak at more here.


This gorgeous treasure and heirloom by Forget Me Not Engraving.


This artwork by Hannakin to satisfy any Ragnar Lodbrok lust.


Another from Hannakin, who has recently started transforming her pretty pictures into perfect pendants. Now we can wear her artwork wherever we go!


Sensory bliss by Bedford & Grove.


The new range of draperies by Agnes & I that we are just DYING for.


Wicked creatures by The Creature Workshop. (Hello Halloween, we too have Halloween on our brains – who doesn’t love an excuse to dress up, make a wicked mess, carve pumpkins and binge on all of the sweets).


Magical mushroom landscapes in the safety of your homes by Lowglo Luminaires.


Heartachingly beautiful woodcarvings by Of Wood & Ash.


No caption necessary. These shortbreads from Bonnie Bix Quality Shortbreads. I am addicted. (also, Mamma Bonnie Bix, Loretta D’onofrio will be showcasing her beautiful artwork at market day this Sunday, have a little read over her interview here).


Paper vase cover – Designed in the Netherlands, made by Tiny Miracles Foundation, India, Be sure to spend some time at the Futurekind stall, our heroes in creating a new kind of good.


A little excited for this. The hot and freshly pressed ISSUE NUMBER TWO of The Canary Press.

Hello Spring! IT IS OUR 2ND BIRTHDAY THIS MONTH!!! Check out a little bend and snap retrospective of our first year here and come celebrate our second fabulous year of creation and wonder and feast on a big delicious banquet of art, design, fashion and vintage. Play with us in our steamy Crafternoon Corner presented by the MELBOURNE ALT CRAFTERS see the steamy deets here), binge on sweet treats all day with us and let your inspiration burst with all the wonderful wares on display from all of our darling stall holders: AGNES & I, BEDFORD GROVE, BIND I FOLD, BOHO BIRD JEWELLERY, BONNIE BIX QUALITY SHORTBREADS, THE CANARY PRESS, THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, CRITTER CLAWS, THE DESIGN COURT, EELAV MCBEE, FORGET ME KNOTT, FORGET ME NOT ENGRAVING, FUTUREKIND, THE GIRL & HER NIGHTINGALE, HANNAKIN, HANDMOOD, HELEN FLEUR DESIGNS, HONEY & VINEGAR, LORETTA D’ONOFRIO, LOW GLO LUMINAIRES, M’AGAPI, ME-U, MELBOURNE ALT CRAFTERS, MONTAGE MOSAICS, OF WOOD AND ASH, PRECIOUS LITTLE SAKURA, RUBY LOUISE, RUN WILD HORSES, SAHAURA, SEBO-HANDMADE JEWELLERY, SCRABBLE KITTY, SPOONFULS OF LOVE, TOM CARTOONIST & VERA CHAN.

We have been lucky to have a number of inspiring interviews with many of our stall holders over the past few months, be sure to have a read over the interviews with a handful of our September stallholders: AGNES & I, BEDFORD & GROVE, BIND I FOLD, THE CANARY PRESS, COURTNEY ELISE, THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, CRITTER CLAWS, FORGET ME NOT ENGRAVING, THE GIRL & HER NIGHTINGALE, HANNAKIN, HELEN FLEUR DESIGNS, LORETTA D’ONOFRIO, LOWGLO LUMINARIES, ME.U, MELBOURNE ALT CRAFTERS, RUN WILD HORSES, SPOONFULS OF LOVE, SCRABBLE KITTY & TOM CARTOONIST AND OF WOOD & ASH.

RSVP here.
See our sneaky peek album here.

Follow us on Instagram @bendandsnapmarket and use hashtag #bendandsnapmarket

See see you all for our market birthday bash this on Sunday 29th September 11:00am to 4:00pm at 1000 £ Bend 361 Little Lonsdale Street in the city.

* Please note the for the month of October our market date will be held on Sunday 20th October 11:00am to 4:00pm, be sure to pencil it in!!!


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