Put Your Heart Into It


We are pleased to introduce the girls from the PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT workshops, two wonderful women Laura (from INTERIOR HUNTER) and Anna (from MIOD NATURAL SKIN CARE) who have teamed their creative genius and mad skillz together to host DIY workshops. We are absolutely thrilled to have the team bringing the workshop to our upcoming market day on Sunday 30th March at 1000 £ Bend. We recently had the utmost pleasure of having a late night chat (naturally, as this is when inspiration lights the most brightest!) with the lovely ladies and the below interview…

Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku
Creative workshops

Colourful crafty knowledge

A fun atmosphere


Tell us a little about the origins of Put Your Heart Into It.
Anna and myself would chat about environmental issues like plastic ending up in the ocean and land fill over a glass of wine. We would find ourselves getting annoyed and frustrated that as a whole we consume and use so much and the result is the creation of more and more waste.  One question was bought up…..What can we do to make a difference?  Lets do what we love and teach people about our creative industries combined with our obsession with all things creative and handmade. Our underlying sneaky message is about sustainability. We hope to inspire people to make gifts at home with what they already have, and to put their heart into what they do. We hope that by setting an example and putting on these super fun, colourful and cool workshops people will see that they do not need to buy something new every time thru need to give a gift.  We want to inspire change through creativity.

Describe your creative process.
We both do what we love every day so this process comes naturally to us. Anna runs a natural skincare business and is a healthy lifestyle guru and I am an Interior Stylist running a creative business offering many services including styling for events, merchandising and design.

We have so many creative ideas that they are bursting out of us from every angle so it’s hard to know which ideas to use sometimes. haha. The creative process starts from taking notice of all the little things like colour, texture and how anything makes you feel. We hope to share all our ideas in these workshops and have ever changing topics.

What inspires you the most?
What doesn’t inspire us? We always take time to be inspired by others running small creative business and enjoy art, nature and food.

The best ideas come when you are having a good time and putting yourself in a new environment. Inspiration comes from all the things we love to do like eating natural organic food and appreciating nature and where your food comes from. Inspiration also comes from appreciating crafts, skilled craftsmanship that takes many hours of training and labour to produce something beautiful, which is something that is becoming rare these days.

Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.  

What are your ultimate dreams for Put Your Heart Into It?
We hope to hold sell out workshops and travel all over Australia and overseas. We hope to enjoy the company of engaging, friendly people and make new friends along the way. We hope to be able to share our creative knowledge and passion for all things sustainable, colourful and most of all fun! Our dream is to do what we love and inspire others to do the same. And of course we would love to get people talking and thinking about ways to reduce our impact on this beautiful planet.

What will we find from Put Your Heart Into It at our March Bend and Snap Market?
We will be giving all the happy market goers a 2 hour sampler workshop. In this two hours people should expect to be blown away with many creative ideas and inspiration. We will be showing people how to make natural skincare, which they will get to take home. Then we will cover the table with millions of ribbons, fabric, twine, tags, treasures and paper so that we can show everyone the art of japanese wrapping. We will also be teaching you the principals of design and interior styling tips that you can use in so many different scenarios like your next event, your home, your office or your market stall display…? Everything you do will look fabulous with these easy tips.


We look forward to seeing all of you market lovers again this month at our next market day on Sunday 30th March 11:00am to 4:00pm at 1000 £ Bend with another bevy of brilliant stall holders: AGNES & I, BARNABY, BYRNE DESIGNS, CASHMERISM, CHINPIN EXHIBITION, THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, CULTURE TEA, DAKOTA, DESMOND WOLF, EMBRASS, FORGET ME NOT ENGRAVING, THE GIRL NIGHTINGALE, GOLDEN SKULL CANDLES, HANNAKIN, INTERIOR HUNTER, KOA BY KAITLIN, JULIE CANNON JEWELLERY, JUX, LAUREN & ANGIE, ME-UMIOD NATURAL SKINCARE, ONE SMALL DUCK, PAPERCHAP, SHIO, STRANGE BEAUTIFUL ME and more. We are also pleased to welcome the PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT WORKSHOP to our market day. Stay tuned for more details.

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