Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.

Delicate paper

Beautiful images cut
Bold, simple and striking.
Tell us a little about the origins of Paper Chap. 
I have always loved paper, I am one of those people who keeps the wrapping paper once the present has been opened. I can’t remember when I started paper cutting, I’ve sort of always done it in some shape or form. I decided that I would start my own little business in 2013 selling the paper cuts. I originally thought of making it a bit of a baby range, however I’ve found that more and more adults who appreciate the time and detail that goes into them. So I mainly create pieces that have more of an adult feel to them.

Describe your creative process. 
Generally I like to pick a theme, something like birds (peacocks, roosters, robins etc) or buildings (city and country) then I sketch out individual images as well scenes in my sketch book. I always keep the original sketch as I’ve been asked to recut some of the paper cuts and I like to go back to the beginning. Although, no two will ever be the same. Then from the sketch I’ll re-sketch onto a piece of black paper and I’ll start hand cutting the image out with a scalpel. It’s a fine balance finding the right parts to make a positive or negative image from. Each final piece is always from one single piece of paper which means it is extremely delicate as often it’s only fine lines of paper that are holding it together. So I frame them to ensure they stay secure and safe.

What inspires you the most? 
It sounds a little cliche but you can really find inspiration in everything. I get frequently inspired by old children’s books and the outdoors.

Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers. 
Jessie Breakwell –
James Money –

What are your ultimate dreams for Paper Chap? 
I’d love to see more people appreciating the paper cutting and owning more pieces. Most of the time it still spend a lot of time explaining that they’re not prints.

What will will we find from Paper Chap at our March Bend and Snap Market? 
Lots of new paper cuts that will only be available at the market, I’m exploring much more natural lines with plants etc so hopefully there will be some new work from these. Plus there will be some of my more popular pieces, including the bigger pieces that tell a story and the birds range, peacocks, rooster etc.

We look forward to seeing all of you market lovers again this month at our next market day on Sunday 30th March 11:00am to 4:00pm at 1000 £ Bend with another bevy of brilliant stall holders: AGNES & I, BARNABY, BYRNE DESIGNS, CASHMERISM, CARLA GARRO JEWELLERY, CHINPIN EXHIBITION, THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, CULTURE TEA, DAKOTA, DESMOND WOLF, EMBRASS, FORGET ME NOT ENGRAVING, THE GIRL NIGHTINGALE, GOLDEN SKULL CANDLES, HANNAKIN, INTERIOR HUNTER, KOA BY KAITLIN, JULIE CANNON JEWELLERY, JUX, LAUREN & ANGIE, ME-UMIOD NATURAL SKINCARE, ONE SMALL DUCK, PAPERCHAP, SHIO, STRANGE BEAUTIFUL ME and more. We are also pleased to welcome the PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT WORKSHOP bringing their gorgeous sampler workshop to the market where you can create fun DIY crafts from items you find around the home and in your garden – bookings are required, click this link for more details.

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