Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.
From the vast grass highlands,
Goats that gift us cashmeres,
Soft warm fabulous

Tell us a little about the origins of Cashmerism.

The founder of CASHMERISM comes from a family that has produced and cherished cashmere for almost thirty years. For me, cashmere is not merely a material, but a philosophy and a way of life that is deeply rooted in my mind and soul.

CASHMERISM exists because we want you to enjoy the ultimate luxury, the best quality materials along with ever-evolving creativity and style without spending a fortune.

We care about every moment you experience with your cashmere.

CASHMERISM wants to be there as the pair of mittens holding an umbrella on a chilly rainy morning. Cashmerism wants to be there to wrap you tight during your long-haul flight. CASHMERISM will softly drape on your shoulder in style when hot days turn into cold nights. CASHMERISM wants to add a touch of joyful character to complete a monochrome outfit…

It’s an attitude; we will not compromise for anything less than fabulous.

What inspires you the most?

Growing up in Melbourne, I became fond of its kaleidoscope like culture and beauty, constantly inspired by its creative and colourful charm. As an eclectic, artistic cultural hub, this is a city where people fully express their own character through fashion. What triggers me to start this collection is the desire to express this energy and vibe through the design of my cashmere buddies.

Another big inspiration for designing cashmere knitwear for Melbourne is its crazy ‘four season in a day’ weather and the challenge it creates for your wardrobe. I believe there is nothing more suited for Melbourne notorious winter season than cashmere.

Everyday experience, the temperature, the urban colours around me, some time even a crisp fresh smell of the plants when I walk through a park in the early morning triggers my inspiration to design.

Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.

MUD Australia Porcelain.

I love it because the way it is so simply elegant and soothingly beautiful.

What are your ultimate dreams for Cashmerism?

Is that when you think of quality lifestyle, think of not compromising to less than fabulous material, think of staying beautiful and warm at the same time during winter, you think of CASHMERISM.

What will will we find from Cashmerism at our March Bend and Snap Market?
You will find our cashmere scarves, Beanies, Shawls, Mittens, and Tops for this autumn collection.
Beautifully designed brochure which tells you the story of how cashmere transforms from goat’s most precious undercoat into the cashmere you see at our markets stall.
In the brochure there will also be instruction of how to clean and take care of cashmere by your self- without dry cleaners
Thanks Bend and Snap Market for being one of our first platforms to unveil our 2014 Autumn Collection!
Facebook page:
We look forward to seeing all of you market lovers again this month at our next market day on Sunday 30th March 11:00am to 4:00pm at 1000 £ Bend with another bevy of brilliant stall holders: AGNES & I, BARNABY, BYRNE DESIGNS, CASHMERISM, CARLA GARRO JEWELLERY, CHINPIN EXHIBITION, THE CREATURE WORKSHOP, CULTURE TEA, DAKOTA, DESMOND WOLF, EMBRASS, FORGET ME NOT ENGRAVING, THE GIRL NIGHTINGALE, GOLDEN SKULL CANDLES, HANNAKIN, INTERIOR HUNTER, KOA BY KAITLIN, JULIE CANNON JEWELLERY, JUX, LAUREN & ANGIE, ME-UMIOD NATURAL SKINCARE, ONE SMALL DUCK, PAPERCHAP, SHIO, STRANGE BEAUTIFUL ME and more. We are also pleased to welcome the PUT YOUR HEART INTO IT WORKSHOP bringing their gorgeous sampler workshop to the market where you can create fun DIY crafts from items you find around the home and in your garden – bookings are required, click this link for more details.


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