Soul Stories


Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.
Beautiful lamp lighter
Always remember your Soul
With your real Stories

Tell us a little about the origins of Soul Stories
Short promo video that says it all:

So Soul Stories are just really simply stories about really simple things, I guess they’re artistic creations that touches our essences, our being and our soul in the most beautiful and sad ways that we have somehow forgotten about or need to feel and remember.

I like to hope that they can pull out the sensitive, vulnerable and funny pieces of our soul ~ the parts that are sometimes hard to explain & just need to be felt & embraced…

If I want to go back to the beginning of how Soul Stories was born, l guess l’ve always been fascinated by inspiring quotes. So for a long time I used to write silly little things for myself, just heart warming lyrical words until the first time my heart was really broken… l remember searching through a number book stores to find the perfect words that my heart desperately need to read and embrace – but believe it or not it was really hard to find, so, the words my heart and hurt longed for seemed to write themselves and from those creations evolved Soul Stories.

Soul Stories are very simple and concise expressions, so few years ago I thought if l was ever going to illustrate them I had to really marry that concept. Sometimes my words can be a little bit broken and hard so, l wanted these particular kinds of stories to be balanced with something softer, & after lots of research, smooth rounded swirls and lines mixed with bright vibrant colours felt completely right and natural for Soul Stories. & after playing around with my first packet of Soft Pastels, well, my Soul Stories figures came to life, which kinda represent the soul…

Searching through countless
number of book stores,
l never quite discovered
the perfect stories to read
of how l really felt,
so l decided to find them
by writing the words l longed for,
just for me…

And then in time,
l would compassionately
write for those
close to my heart,
and for those in honest need…

And now,
l humbly write
for all souls out there,
– especially for the ones
who can not find true words
to express how much
they really ‘feel’.
Whether it be for those
who are broken
almost beyond repair,
or for those
who can easily believe
that bliss & magic
‘can’ ooze
from every pore…

I just want,
and deeply wish,
to find your words
– and write
for you all…         © November 2 .09

‘Soul Stories’

Describe your creative process.
Normally I start with a scribble of text in my very messy notebook or on a piece of scrap paper – on anything really, that I can get my hands on to jot down a few words. This can come at any given moment. I don’t have a set time to sit down and write… Although sometimes I do try to do that… But more often than not, l have no control over that part ~ l see it, hear it, feel it and l just have to write it all down. Sometimes it’s a little disjointed so l let it settle and might come back to it in a few weeks/months later to tweak it… The illustration part feels a little more worked, a thought out process – and after I have sketched something out, it usually takes a whole afternoon or night from start to finish to complete it…
I find myself playing with illustrations first these days, but normally its text first – to inspire the illustraion…

What inspires you the most?
Inspiration for Soul Stories is drawn from absolutely everywhere… Experience and stories inside of me, outside, within you, my friends, whether it be a passing stranger, or loved ones, music… Just everything, along with a little bit of magic and make believe. I just see it and feel it everywhere, so everyone is responsible for Soul Stories & l’m just the lucky one to turn it into a few words just to remind everyone how truly special we are. I’m a quiet soul at heart, with not a lot to say unless it really means something true & with my artistry as a dancer and the way l’m able to project my emotion, love, line & beauty through dance, l’m able to continue that forever through an equal passion called Soul Stories..

Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.
Emma Magenta ~ Illustrator/Writer
Phillipa Finch
Catherine Hiller ~ Painter/Artist
Shaun Tan ~ Artist/Author
Leunig ~ Cartoonist/Painter/Philosopher

Amy Landry ~ Dancer/Yogi/Life Coach
Imagine Ellie ~ Artist /Graphic Designer
Gin Pineau ~ Designer/Videographer/Photographer

Brian Andreas ~ Writer/Illustrator/Storyteller
Klaus Kampert ~ Photographer
Ryan Woodward ~ Art/Animator
Damien Rice ~ Singer/Songwriter
Shawn Ardoin ~ Painter/Writer
Monique Van Steen ~ Painter/Artist
Tiffany Bird ~ Story Teller/Lamplighter
Agnes-Ceicile ~ Painter/Artist
Oliver Heath ~ Graphic Designer

What are your ultimate dreams for Soul Stories?
I believe that in order to better our future we need to be more aware of our hearts, our feelings & to understand holistic compassion…
We are taught so many wonderful things at school and within society – but from what l have experienced and read about, there seems to be a lack of education of the heart.

My dream is for Soul Stories to be part of that teaching.

That no matter how heartbreaking or beautiful your story may be, we need to realize that they are all important & incredibly true about each of us – building us into the best possible versions of ourselves, who we are today and will continue to grow into day after day…

A future full of peace, compassion, true integrity & kindness… ‘this is the heart of Soul Stories’, which is purely written from ‘your’ heart. It’s already there, inside of us all – we just need to remember these ‘same, same but different’ stories when relating to other wonderful souls… xxx

Oh and that I could live off my work – that would be amazinggg, hehe…

For the moment Soul Stories is a non profit business, but l’m working my bootie off to make it accessible to all kinds of souls out there – not just for those with expendable incomes, l want to share Soul Stories in many forms, with all those who need and want to find them…

What will we find from Soul Stories at our April Bend and Snap Market?
Hmmm… I’m still waiting for my massive container to arrive from Paris – but l’m fortunate enough to have a bit of stock with me… I’m currently sussing out the perfect eco friendly paper and printer as l speak, but I will have quite a  number of beautiful Soul Stories Wall Prints (large & medium) and cards created on lush 100% recycled Keaykolour moon paper (poussière de lune). Not to mention with funky packaging ~ all 100% hand made & recycled materials

I also have Original Soul Stories creations and a wonderful process called ‘Tailor Made Soul Stories’ ~ which is a unique process where you have the wonderful privilege of working directly with me to help create that special ‘one of a kind’ Soul Story in a truly sentimental & artist way… All originals are a lot more expensive than a print – but when you see the texture of paper, mixed media involved with an Original, you can immediately understand why… TMSS is definitely my favourite process – really getting to know the client and their very personal and special story they want to create with me…

I also have a some lovely booklet/catalogues of all possible Soul Stories in print, which was originally designed for the possibility of any boutiques taking on my art – but l have found its quite popular with the public/fans, so l need to print a few more of those, asap…
On the smaller scale I have some wonderful lucky dips (like a little fortune cookie with a thought provoking SS inside) and some original ‘1 of 1 only’ mixed media SS postcards…

Lastly l have a few ‘very special’ totes left, called ~I dream of jeanne~ .
If you have some time grab a cuppa and maybe a box of tissues and take a peak how this project came to life…

Only 500 have been printed, and will not be repeated… I need to get working on a new design for the next/new ~I dream of jeanne~ to be released.



We are excited to welcome back the curatorial team behind the upcoming CHIN PIN EXHIBITION (be sure to keep an eye and all the senses open for the opening at No Vacancy Gallery in June).

Chinpin is a contemporary treatment to the traditional cabinets of curiosities, which will bring together a diverse selection of work from 20 emerging artists within Australia (including some of our previous stall holders!): Anna Snoekstra, Annita Maslov, Bonnie Eichelberger, Ebony Eden, Evie Cahir, Halszkat, Jr Blue Cloud, Julia Trybala, Julian May (The Handy Studio), Lauren Nicholson, Lisa Twomey, Michael Hawkins, Nina Elliott, Paul Mares, Saara March, Steven Pennington & Xian – Christian Bishop.

At our market day this month, the team behind this visual extravaganza EMMA, ALLEGRA & EMILY will be showcasing an assortment of goodies from a selection of artists from the show with items such as totebags, zines, badges, t shirts, postcards, gocco prints, screen prints, digital prints, original artworks and various other oddities.

See you all at our market day on Sunday 27th April 11:00am to 4:00pm at 1000 £ Bend for a wander about our emporium of wonders of countless creative talents that we are incredibly proud to be bringing you each month!


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