Tailor Made Soul Stories

We are very exited to be having artist Tams from Soul Stories back at our market day this month (see the beautiful interview we had with Tams last month here). Be sure to take the time to visit the Soul Stories stall for the opportunity work with the artist on a gorgeous collaborative process she has created called Tailor Made Soul Stories where she combines light conversation, her perfect prose writing skills and artistic flair to create a unique Soul Story with colour, love and magic.


Whether or not you subscribe to the writings of Alain de Botton – it would be super safe (and totally true) to acknowledge here amongst the art and design lovers, of the incredible force that comes with dedicating your person and senses to getting absorbed within either the force of an artwork that you may encounter anywhere – in a gallery, on the street, at our market days, anywhere or with creating your very masterpiece. Pardon the grammar, can we say it was purposefully haphazard to highlight the wonders that come with free expression?!


Tailor Made Soul Stories also worships the immense value of nurturing the creative spirit and will be available to work with discerning curious folk throughout our upcoming market day at 1000 £ Bend on Sunday 25th May 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Til then, take a light scroll through this post as Tams guides us through her process of assembling these beautiful creations.

Tailor Made Soul Stories

is a unique process

where you have the wonderful privilege

of working directly with tams (the artist)

to help create that special

‘one of a kind’ Soul Story

in a truly sentimental & artistic way…


Basically you need to provide any kind of detail about the person (who will be recieving the piece, be it for yourself or for another as a gift) whether it is personality, physical, names,

expressions, colours, text they are inspired by – any kind of information that they

would like to be included somehow, within the TMSS…

From there I would get a feel from which direction they would like to go in and construct a first draft,

which is then presented to the client for their premiere feed back and if my direction is on the right track etc…!?

Sometimes the story evolves with ease, other times it has gone back and forth several times – either way, its all good

and an incredibly beautiful process 🙂

Once the story is good for us both, l then take over with illustration and show the sketch before i proceed with the final draft…


Originals are designed on very special paper l have just came across – which is absolutely divine…

“Twinrocker is a 100% cotton, handmade watercolor paper. Owners Howard and Katherine Clarke run America’s most prolific handmade paper mill in Brookston, Indiana.. Many of these sheets are “feather deckled” in a unique process invented by Twinrocker. All papers are neutral pH and sized with purely archival materials. 200 lb (440 gsm) weight. “

This is tailor made to you needs & wants…



Project ‘Chiara’ ~ a basic step by step process of how a Tailor Made Soul Stories is created.


‘Fuzzy Coconut’

With the below information on Chiara’s little boy – the original Soul Stories creation/draft to the left, slowly took place…

Beautiful boy
– Love him in the whole world
– Fuzzy little coconut
– Sensitive, soulful, clever, funny
– Bright



As always – once the final draft was approved,

all of the colour, love & magic was added

His bright 
& sensitive soul 
was like a
precious seed,
& protected
& placed firmly 
in my heart.
& no matter how much he
wanted to run, 
grow & figure things 
out on his own,
he’d always be
my fuzzy little coconut
– the absolute world
to me… © Soul Stories, August 28 .12


And so the hard yaka to construct the perfect packaging for an original Soul Stories begins…

Even though the creation has been sealed, nothing can touch the top of mixed media creation… (combination of soft pastel, pigments, water colours, ink).



A lot faster than last time thanks to my new club shape hole puncher…

Something original, recycled and very beautiful always takes place – right up until the last packaging detail…


Soul Stories special ‘Tailor Made’ seal…


Finishing touches, with lots of love xx


Fitting ‘Fuzzy Coconut’ into 2 massive brown paper bags which would evolve into the final envelope – making its way down under from Paris.



Ready, Set, Go – Original Soul Stories tailor made creation, ‘Fuzzy Coconut’ – to be posted

to Australia to make a special little boy very happy for his birthday (fingers crossed) xxxx


A very happy brother and sister with their birthday ‘Tailor Made Soul Stories’.

Such a pleasure to hear and see how grateful they both were…


Look out! Finally Chiara has her custom made frames back from the framers for her 2 special
‘Tailor Made Soul Stories’ .

So nice to see different ways of how everyone frames their Soul Stories  x


remember your Soul

with real Stories…




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