Plated Image

Trista from Plated Image shares with us her inspirations and a slice of her creative space…..

I create Original, handcrafted, delicate, and unique 3D Paper Art Sculptures and Photographic Prints.
I like to design, make and sculpt things into 3D shapes out of paper. I use various colours, weights and textures to achieve the final product. I am Passionate about Creative design and I find that Paper Art and Photography are the perfect mediums for this. I like the diversity that working with paper brings to my Artworks by mixing this with 3D sculpture I like the slight illusion that I can apply to aspects of my designs.

My main inspiration comes from everyday environmental influences. There is a strong symbolism in nature that can be related to through art: colour, shape, texture, the organic form and a simple naturalness that can be so many things at once.

Using nature as my Inspiration, I love to make things such as trees, flowers, clouds, birds, I like the way the seasons change through out the year and give me more creative ideas.
I also like to incorporate a bit of quirkiness into my work and designing things that people would like to have.

Creative spaces: I currently work from home and have created 2 work areas (production and digital). I currently work, design and make my artworks on the dining table from my lounge room. I also have a creative workspace (study area) for my computer in my bedroom.

Each Paper Artwork is designed and carefully hand cut by me and not laser cut by a machine like many other paper products on the market today. I only use hand tools to produce my work. This makes each one completely individual and unique.

Occasionally to keep the creativity flowing I like to design, make and craft art pieces out of other materials, these things I like to call ‘bits and bobs’.

Favourite Materials – Paper and card of different colours, weights and textures, pens, paints, paper cuts, glass, Plastic and wood.


And now for a little word association play with Trista from Plated Image!

Art –             design
Melbourne –        home
Sugar –         sweet
Light –            natural
Snap –             click
Dream –         create
Winter –         cold
Colour –         blue
Handmade –         original
Relax –            stop
Stress –         out
Moon –         full
Coffee –         yes please!
Burger –         Lamb
Pleasure –         give
Muse –         laugh
Ugly –             Never
Shape –         form
Quiet –         peace
Memory –         happy
Fast –             walk
Loud –             volume
Bend –             & snap
White –         light
Black –          shade
Play –             work
Beautiful –         always
Tea –             no
Slow –             choose
Sleep –         yes

Trista J. – Owner, Maker, Designer, Visual Artist and Photographer.
– Lover of nature, colour and shapes


Our upcoming market day on Sunday 29th of June at 1000 £ Bend will feature a diverse selection of talented artists and designers and a horde of vintage wares, with many of our regular stall holders and a few new additions. We will have delicious art and design spanning the spectrum of whimsy wonders to darker delights with sugary shortbreads, artisan candles, handmade jewellery and stationary, upcycled chairs, delicate paper sculptures, felt crafts and much more.

We are also thrilled to be having our friends from THE LOST CHILDREN’S PROJECT joining us at market day ahead of their upcoming fundraising extravaganza LOST CHILDREN FOUND on Thursday 3rd July, raising the funds to begin the process of building and running of the “Beaullah Heights Children’s Rescue Centre” in Nakuru, Kenya.

This event will feature a silent auction, pop-up restaurants, live artwork installations and live music from Yuko Nishiyama, Woodlock and Seven Year Itch.

Tie some knots for friendship with team from THE LOST CHILDREN’S PROJECT at our market day as they will be showing market visitors a variety of unique friendship bracelet making techniques as well as selling fair trade and handmade African coin purses. Tickets to the LOST CHILDREN FOUND event will also be available for purchase.

June Bend and Snap Market Stallholders include:





Bend and Snap Market @ 1000 £ Bend
361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Sunday 29th June 11:00am to 4:00pm


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