We welcome the beautiful Maria from Goodiis to our market day this Sunday 27th July. She shares her inspiring creative space and has some word association fun with us – art / inspiring / Melbourne / multicultural / sugar / donut / light / shadow / snap / noise / dream / flying / winter / warmth / colour / rainbow / handmade / craft / relax / beach / stress / messy hair / moon / stars / coffee / strong / burger / tasty / pleasure / eating / muse / band / ugly / racism / shape / curvy / quiet / library / memory / game / fast / sports car / loud / laugh / bend / snap / white / horse / black / knight / play / child / beautiful / memories / tea / relaxed / slow / lifetime / sleep / cosy goodiis_bead oven goodiis_bead rolling goodiis_bead rolling2 goodiis_bead shaping goodiis_bead shaping2 goodiis_bead shaping3 goodiis_bead shaping4 goodiis_beads goodiis_beads2 goodiis_beads3 goodiis_beads4 goodiis_equipment goodiis_equipment2 goodiis_sketches goodiis_space2 goodiis_space3 I’m a Melbourne craft nut with an eclectic retro style. I love working with a range of materials, bold colours and exploring new processes. My love of polymer jewellery, textiles and product design has evolved through my strong art and design background and years of innovation and product development. Two years ago, my husband and I moved into our gorgeous apartment in Hawthorn. In this time, I have developed my own Goodiis’ label. From my studio, I design, make and sell my Goodiis range. I love all things bright, so we created a space which was inviting, colourful and inspiring to work in. It’s also important that I have music in the background to keep the creativity flowing. I love boogying in my studio to a mix of hip hop and electro tunes! Depending on what I’m working on, I spend my time moulding and rolling beads, sewing and assembling pieces, sending out online sales and putting together orders in my studio. At other times, I research trends, work out colour pallets, photograph my creations and keep up-to-date with my social media. My workspace isn’t confined to one area, as it depends on what I’m working on. When I’m not in my studio, I sketch ideas on the couch while sipping on tea or head out to my local park with my laptop and sketch pad for some time in the sun. Life is busy, but working for myself is the best! I think I’m lucky to spend my days making beautiful things that make me and other people happy.   Join us and GOODIIS at our upcoming market day THIS Sunday 27th July 11:00am to 4:00pm with a delicious variety of stalls showcasing the wonderful work of the local art and design community. We are super thrilled to be having the eclectic and retro cool designer behind GOODIIS, Maria, hosting a “MAKE YOUR OWN MINII NECKLACE” creation station at market day this weekend. Play with chaotic geometric and organic shapes that use energetic colours with contrasting textures to create bold personal statement pieces with a unique twist. All beads have been lovingly hand-crafted by GOODIIS and we invite you to join in the fun and inject a little more colour into the dreary dark shades of winter. Be sure to see our other gorgeous stall holders where you will find a range of delights such as sweet treats like the best shortbreads in the land and millions of layers of  crepe cakes, hand made jewellery from bold colourful polymer clay pieces to delicate works with silver and uncut stones, original art work from pop art inspired pieces to those a little more darker, terrariums, sarcastic greeting cards that push the envelope, re-imagined film posters, delicate paper crafts, and magnetic sassiness (you will have to come see to find out!). Stall holders for our July market  include: with stall holders: BONNIEBIX QUALITY SHORTBREADS, CREATE COMMUNITY, CRITTER CLAWS, ELK DIAMONDGEMMA JOHNSON, GOODIIS, GYPSY’S SEWING BOX, LYNCH ART DESIGN, MAYBELLINI, MILLE & B, PLATED IMAGE, POST LOVE DESIGNS, SEBO HANDMADE JEWELLERY, TERRARIUM LABORATORYUNFAZED & CONFUZED and more. July Bend and Snap Market Sunday 27th July 11:00am to 4:00pm 1000 £ Bend 361 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne Find us on Facebook for all the updates!


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