Ms. Murphy Flowers

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Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.

Blooms from spring to cold
For precious moments in time
Happiness and joy
Tell us a little about the origins of Ms. Murphy Flowers.
I always had a love of flowers, so when I had the opportunity to work in a florist a few years ago it made me fall even more in love with them. I went on to study floristry and from that grew, Ms. Murphy Flowers.

Describe your creative process. 
It usually starts with one concept and bleeds into many more. I’m one of those people who wakes up in the middle of the night with an idea and then I can’t sleep because I’m bursting to do it. I’ve always loved the harsh industrial look against rich greenery. When I started playing around with concrete, I thought how great it would be to have it hanging rather than sitting on your table. Now I’m making pots with extra material in the bottom as a point of interest. it all just flows.

What inspires you the most? 
Anything can give you inspiration if you look at it properly. But if I have to choose, it would definitely be texture. On clothing, flowers, plants many many things. These all inspire you to use them in different ways and pair them up differently.
Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers. 
What are your ultimate dreams for Ms. Murphy Flowers? 
Ultimately I just want Ms. Murphy Flowers to keep going in the direction it’s going. I’m lucky enough to be involved with many different elements and ideas. That’s all I want.
What will will we find from Ms. Murphy Flowers at our October Bend and Snap Market?
You will find different varieties of concrete pots, hanging pots, terrariums, the use of glass against concrete and many more. I want it to be a feast for your eyes!
Hanging Concrete Pot & Succulent Workshop presented by Colour Box Studio and facilitated by Ms. Murphy Flowers at Bend and Snap Market.

Colour Box Studio is a pop up art space and community creative hub.  We’re proud to present creative programming where you can explore your creativity & connect with your community whilst providing a platform for Melbourne creatives to showcase and share their work.

Colour Box Studio is stoked to be working with Eavan Murphy of Ms. Murphy Flowers for this exclusively designed workshop for Bend and Snap Market. Eavan brings a fresh and innovative approach to floristry and interior design with her signature concrete vessels, bold taste in flowers and keen eye for styling all under the name of her creative business Ms Murphy Flowers. We hope you join us for the workshop on 26th October.

(flyer designed by INKLING PRESS).
Come feast on a delicious banquet of art and design on Sunday 26th October 11:00am to 4:00pm with an assortment of stalls showcasing the wonderful work and diversity of the local creative community.

At our upcoming market day, be prepared to marvel at a kaleidoscopic array of creations such as non-functional and decorative art, unique textiles and homewares, upcycled furniture, handmade jewellery (some made with salvaged salvaged remnants of musical instrument parts), a cluster of concrete creations, clever ceramics, terrariums and indoor gardens, delicate paper crafts, hand drawn illustrations, watercolours and prints – from minimalist masterpieces to exaggerated allegorical art works and quirky cartoons, garish garments, dapper wares for refined ladies and gentlemen and cards and prints for a life lived less serious.

Browse amongst the stalls and flex your creative muscles by crafting a succulent concrete creation with the COLOUR BOX STUDIO presented HANGING CONCRETE POT & SUCCULENT WORKSHOP under the guidance of floristry extraordinaire MS. MURPHY FLOWERS (book your spot here) and then get all kinds of gluey with EELAV MCBEE for even more DIY crafternooning fun.

Savour every single item on the delish 1000 £ Bend menu (including ALL DAY breakfast) with us and let your inspiration burst with all the wonderful wares on display from all of our darling stall holders: COLOUR BOX STUDIO, GYPSY’S SEWING BOX, EELAV MCBEE, INANNA GLOBAL THREADS, JULIAN DE LIO, KITTY & CADAVER, MAYBELLINI, ME U, MITCH ELSON,

October Bend and Snap Market

Sunday 26th October 11:00am to 4:00pm

361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne

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