Kitty and Cadaver

bridge necklace guitar string earrings piano and skull earrings piano earrings violin bow hairstick

Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.
Ideas tumble out
Words, characters, craft and song
Writing feeds my soul


Tell us a little about the origins of Kitty and Cadaver
Kitty and Cadaver began as an idea for a book about a sweet young woman who does make-up for the dead in a funeral home. It grew into a story about a rock and roll band that saves the world from monsters using music as magic, and about Kitty’s mysterious past, and the secrets each of the band members have – and about family and sacrifice too. It ended up as a multimedia project – there’s a song in each chapter, we have artwork, and the Kitty and Cadaver jewellery project came about as one of the characters wears jewellery made up of the broken musical instruments of the band members who died fighting monsters.

Hence the Kitty and Cadaver jewellery project – making jewellery and craft out of broken musical instruments.


Describe your creative process.
I’m interested in the world, and in the light and shade of the daily adventure of being human, so my writing generally reflects that, using humour as well as horror to explore notions of family, love, redemption and growth. Practically speaking, I get an idea, make notes about how it will shape up in story form and then start writing.

With the Kitty project sprawling all over the place, I’ve been seeking out like minded creative people to do things where I like the skills. So I write lyrics, but my niece, Jess Harris, who plays with Bad Uncle, writes the music. My craft skills are limited, so I invited some talented craft artisans to join me in the project. I’ve written a comic book script too, telling one character’s ‘secret origins’, and I have a wonderfully talented artist – Nath Holden – lined up for that, but we need some funding first so that he has the materials to draw and colour it.


What inspires you the most?
Passionate, creative people.


Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.
I’m a huge fan of Julia DeVille’s work, which walks a line between the macabre and the beautiful. Her memento mori pieces are superb.


What are your ultimate dreams for Kitty and Cadaver?
For the book series to sell; for the jewellery project to continue to showcase and develop the careers of the three artists who work with me – KRin Pender-Gunn, Breanna Handfield and Amy Chidgzey. Fro the album to come together and the comic book to be done, and to keep collaborating with inventive, creative people.


What will will we find from Kitty and Cadaver at our October Bend and Snap Market?
Beautiful and unusual earrings, necklaces, hair sticks and brooches made from the remnants of broken violins, guitars, a piano and a banjo we got recently.

(flyer designed by INKLING PRESS).
Come feast on a delicious banquet of art and design on Sunday 26th October 11:00am to 4:00pm with an assortment of stalls showcasing the wonderful work and diversity of the local creative community.
At our upcoming market day, be prepared to marvel at a kaleidoscopic array of creations such as non-functional and decorative art, unique textiles and homewares, upcycled furniture, handmade jewellery (some made with salvaged salvaged remnants of musical instrument parts), a cluster of concrete creations, clever ceramics, terrariums and indoor gardens, delicate paper crafts, hand drawn illustrations, watercolours and prints – from minimalist masterpieces to exaggerated allegorical art works and quirky cartoons, garish garments, dapper wares for refined ladies and gentlemen and cards and prints for a life lived less serious.Browse amongst the stalls and flex your creative muscles by crafting a succulent concrete creation with the COLOUR BOX STUDIO presented HANGING CONCRETE POT & SUCCULENT WORKSHOP under the guidance of floristry extraordinaire MS. MURPHY FLOWERS (book your spot here) and then get all kinds of gluey with EELAV MCBEE for even more DIY crafternooning fun.


Savour every single item on the delish 1000 £ Bend menu (including ALL DAY breakfast) with us and let your inspiration burst with all the wonderful wares on display from all of our darling stall holders: COLOUR BOX STUDIO, GYPSY’S SEWING BOX, EELAV MCBEE, INANNA GLOBAL THREADS, JULIAN DE LIO, KITTY & CADAVER, MAYBELLINI, ME U, MITCH ELSON,

October Bend and Snap Market

Sunday 26th October 11:00am to 4:00pm

361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne

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