Olivia York


Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.  
Cards and prints for a
Life lived less serious
Colour yourself happy!


Tell us a little about the origins of Olivia York
Whilst studying graphic design, I was always scribbling cute little animal illustrations, quirky jokes and cartoons in the margins of my books. So I thought why not make something that kept me entertained into a fun distraction for others.


Describe your creative process.
In terms of my animal illustrations I go through fads of drawing a lot of one animal like foxes or raccoons, mostly animals I imagine to have a lot of pizazz. At the moment it’s polar bears. With my more comedic cards I just try and incorporate seemingly mundane things I find funny day to day.


What inspires you the most?
Top of my list is nature documentaries, David Attenborough can make any animal sound majestic with his smooth verbal stylings! Then I try and juxtapose the little beastie with a cool accessory like a cravat, a jazzy pattern, or eye watering colour scheme.


Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.
I really like the work of Giselle Bongiorno, who is a bit further on in a career that I would love to call my own some day. She specializes in custom illustrations of pets and animal illustrations with a trendy, graphic new spin. Have a browse at: http://gisellebongiorno.weebly.com/

Another fave of mine is Yasemin Sumner’s brand Stich you up, which creates amazing hand embroidered products from necklaces and badges to embroidery hoops, taking inspiration from pop culture and dark comedy. Look her up at: http://www.stitchyouup.com


What are your ultimate dreams for Olivia York?
In the next year I would love to continue attending markets and meeting new people and fellow makers. Ultimately I would love to dedicate all my time to my business, getting my online shop up and running and incorporating some stockists around Melbourne and beyond!


What will we find from Olivia York at our October Bend and Snap Market?
As aforementioned I am big into polar bears at the moment, so they’ll be making an appearance in some cheeky early Christmas cards. Also expect some more Aussie animals to be strutting their stuff on some cards and prints.  And of course let someone know you care with an odd compliment card, because nothing says I love you like “you’re like an M&M in a bag of trailmix”.

Find me at:
Website:  http://www.oliviayorkdesign.com/
Instagram: @yorkolivia

(flyer designed by INKLING PRESS).
Come feast on a delicious banquet of art and design on Sunday 26th October 11:00am to 4:00pm with an assortment of stalls showcasing the wonderful work and diversity of the local creative community.
At our upcoming market day, be prepared to marvel at a kaleidoscopic array of creations such as non-functional and decorative art, unique textiles and homewares, upcycled furniture, handmade jewellery (some made with salvaged salvaged remnants of musical instrument parts), a cluster of concrete creations, clever ceramics, terrariums and indoor gardens, delicate paper crafts, hand drawn illustrations, watercolours and prints – from minimalist masterpieces to exaggerated allegorical art works and quirky cartoons, garish garments, dapper wares for refined ladies and gentlemen and cards and prints for a life lived less serious. 

Browse amongst the stalls and flex your creative muscles by crafting a succulent concrete creation with the COLOUR BOX STUDIO presented HANGING CONCRETE POT & SUCCULENT WORKSHOP under the guidance of floristry extraordinaire MS. MURPHY FLOWERS (book your spot here) and then get all kinds of gluey with EELAV MCBEE for even more DIY crafternooning fun.


Savour every single item on the delish 1000 £ Bend menu (including ALL DAY breakfast) with us and let your inspiration burst with all the wonderful wares on display from all of our darling stall holders: COLOUR BOX STUDIO, GYPSY’S SEWING BOX, EELAV MCBEE, INANNA GLOBAL THREADS, JULIAN DE LIO, KITTY & CADAVER, MAYBELLINI, ME U, MITCH ELSON, MS. MURPHY FLOWERS, PLATED IMAGE, OLIVIA YORK, RALEIGH MADE, SLATER PACE, TOM CARTOONIST, THAT DAPPER CHAP, TWIN, VCTORIA VCTORIA and YEN YEN LO.

October Bend and Snap Market

Sunday 26th October 11:00am to 4:00pm

361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne

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