Bend and Snap Market @ St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival 2015

Hello 2015! We will be bringing in the year with a bang as we have assembled some of Melbourne’s finest movers and makers for the upcoming Bend and Snap Market to be popping up at the Melbourne St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival this Saturday 7th February.

We have curated a selection of fine designers ARA + LYRA, ARTOMIC, CREATE COMMUNITY, THE ETERNAL HEADONIST, GOODIIS, LENKO, LIMEDROP, UNFAZED & CONFUZED, vintage stalls APPLIQUE, LANYOK, MARCI VINTAGE, MUSCRAT VINTAGE, OLD NEW WORLD VINTAGE, a pop nail bar by CRITTER CLAWS and a wanderlust fuelling station courtesy of LONELY PLANET.

Meet our stall holders:


Applique Vintage is an exclusive online store based in Melbourne, offering customers ready to wear upcycled and bespoke vintage pieces.




Bold, one of a kind, handmade jewellery.

Things are a little different here, at Ara + Lyra. We believe in making a statement. Our pieces are hand-made with love and no two pieces are alike. Our artisans drape the beautiful semi precious stones in nickel and lead free metals.
Our motto is ‘Go bold or go home’ and every piece of accessory from Ara+Lyra is colourful, full of character and is a perfect blend of classy and sexy.
The beautiful pieces of Ara + Lyra can make a classic white tee shirt a party wear.
Our accessories are the game changers and you will not see everyone wearing what you are wearing.



Fusing together four unlikely elements: science, art, fashion and education, Artomic founders Marina and Nicki launched a unique range of jewellery in November 2013. The line is carefully handcrafted using artistic scientific research images. Artomic is a response to an ongoing problem in the scientific community: the way it is communicated. The girls who both have a science background as well as a love of fashion, hope that with their eye‐catching designs, the jewellery will start a conversation around scientific research. In this way the contributions of science are passed around from person to person in a language everyone understands. Art + fashion = educating people about science – a truly novel approach!
Each piece of jewellery comes with an information card which credits the scientist who took the image and explains the research behind it in easy to understand language. 30% of the profit from each piece is donated back into scientific research.



photo 3 (2)

Create Community offers a vibrant line of light-weight, wrinkle-free dresses made in ethical working conditions. The brand was started by sisters Savanah and Lana Schissel during their travels in South East Asia in an effort to prolong their time abroad. Embarking on this adventure means that we are able to join the inspirational community of global travelers who sustain their wanderlust by selling personal creations from their packs. Create Community means seeking out and joining communities that inspire: those which aim to leave a meaningful legacy; those which aim to improve; and those which aim to simply preserve what is already there. Selling our dresses means that our exploration will not be limited by time and money, and embodies a willingness to pursue alternative and innovative lifestyles and livelihoods. Create Community is a statement of intention, and a philosophical belief. It’s a mission statement and a modus operandi. And it’s a challenge that we pose to both ourselves, and to our customers.



10487240_764699460253408_8076908375375478876_n 1972297_807649055958448_7856673400545117832_n 10173549_831615470228473_5648650590904441955_n

Critter Claws is nail art inspired by pop culture from the past and present. You can choose from a nail art menu or get customised nail art. We’re also offering a selection of Laneway inspired nails so you can be festival ready.

Linh of Critter Claws comes from a graphic design background. She uses her knowledge and skill set to create nail art that is fun, whimsical and just a little bit kooky.




The Eternal Headonist is here to dress your head in awesome, we love hats, headwear and everything in between, and LOVE to have fun whilst wearing them! We’re based in Melbourne and started life in 2014, wanting to right the wrongs and put headwear back at the top of the fashion picture. We stock handmade pieces from local and some international designers, as well a range of vintage hats, ‘cos we really love amazing things from the past too. For Laneway we’ll be bringing some festival friendly hats and headpieces all handmade with love in Melbourne town by some super-cool milliners, and also some of our vintage summer favourites. Some of the designers & milliners we’ll be selling include Angela Menz, Kim Wiebenga, The Human Chameleon and Serena Lindeman who all expertly make a mix of quirky, individual, beautiful and fun headwear, we’ll also include some of our own designs into the mix as well.
You can find us a t as well as the usual social media outlets, and we can’t wait to meet all the Laneway Headonists! #hatmagic all round 🙂



1goodiis_maria 2goodiis_minii necklaces 3goodiis_fruitii brooches 4goodiis_mr.sloth group

About me:
My name is Maria and I’m the creator of Goodiis – a range of quirky softies and craft accessories sold online and in stores, in Australia and internationally. My style is bright, eclectic and original. I love making plush toys, working with various fabrics, textures, bold colours and a range of materials.

Story of my Goodiis’ brand?
My love of textiles and product design has evolved through my strong art and design background, and years of innovation and product development. I completed a Bachelor of Industrial Design (4yrs with Hons). As a senior designer, I’ve worked on numerous well-known consumer products and designed and engineered world-known infant developmental toys over the past 12 years.  I’m a crafter at heart. My love for fabrics and clay has pushed me to be more creative in my spare time. So I decided this was a hobby I had to pursue more seriously.

Inspiration for my business?
I love to sew and sculpt things by hand. My business allows me to be as creative as I wish. I craft because it makes me happy. It’s therapeutic, fun and rewarding when I see customers interact with the products I make. I think we should admire and support handmade goods. I know Australia has embraced this culture in recent years and I’m happy to be part of it! I’ve been making things, for fun, ever since I remember. For the past two years, I’ve taken my craft seriously and created my own Goodiis label. Goodiis are bright, unique and one-of-a-kind collection has been exhibited online, in-stores, in markets and featured in successful craft blogs. From my studio in Melbourne, I design, make and sell a range of handmade crafts. My latest is ‘The Many Shirts of Mr. Sloth.’ Each Mr. Sloth is handcrafted and wears a unique shirt! Mr. Sloth is already getting some great buzz in the public eye and in social media.

It has been incredibly satisfying to see my pieces come to life and for them to be adopted so quickly in Melbourne’s thriving craft community. I can’t wait to interact with more of the greater craft community and to see what’s in store for Goodiis!



Lanyok is a collection of handpicked second-hand clothing gathered by an apathetic fashion-lover. The aim is to slow down the fast-fashion (waste) cycle by reintroducing unique and forgotten pieces into the market sourced from the community second-hand stores of two great places; Australia and Hungary.  Lanyok provides fabric self-expression for more than one of your alter-egos and at the same time puts money back into the communities whose owners discarded the clothes in the first place. Lanyok means girls in Hungarian.




Long time Laneway collaborator, Melbourne Designer, Dana Lenko is back for the 8th year running. The Lenko motto is ‘an oasis of randomness’ and this years market will be an extension of this theme. Featuring locally produced colourful clothing, crazy jewellery, animal themed accessories, humorous artworks and funny giftcards. Take a chance on the Unlucky Dip, and make an entry to the Lenko Animal sweater competition- worn by many a laneway artist!




Limedrop is an Australian fashion label that captures the imagination and spirit of possibilities.

The brand offers contemporary womenswear fashion, soft lingerie and jewellery known for its use of bold colours and exclusive prints peppered with a sense of playful irreverence.

The Melbourne label has established themselves as one of Australia’s leading fashion brands. They delivers classic with a twist silhouettes infused with fun.  Their signature designs empower customers to feel confident and have fun!



Fuel your wanderlust with travel inspiration and advice from Lonely Planet. Visit our stand to browse guidebooks, pictorials, and travel merchandise to help you get one step closer to your next adventure.



Marci vintage sources premium quality vintage from around the world to offer our customers unique, feminine pieces with a modern twist. We have a huge range of stunning one of a kind re-worked Japanese vintage dresses, gorgeous lace blouses as well as a vintage denim from the states. Marci vintage is all about unique vintage fabrics and romantic florals and lace.
Based in the heart of Fitzroy North Village, Muscrats store stocks handpicked vintage clothing from Japan alongside a mix of new Australian made and designed home wares, jewellery, gifts & beauty products.Founded by two sisters who love travel and style, each collection is carefully selected to reflect current trends and is sourced locally and globally to find the very best products.
OWN // Old World New // Eclectic vintage bohemia
A hand picked selection of vintage goods for guys and girls – a colourful explosion of patterns and prints – because life’s too short to wear boring clothes!
Old World New was born from an overflowing cupboard and a wanderlust desire to travel the world in search of treasure! Launched in early 2008 with music festival pop-up shops on the East Coast of Australia, we danced in the rain at Splendour in the Grass, drank champagne on New Years at the Falls Festival and dressed many a fine festival folk. You can now shop the collection instore at Vintage Garage, 318 Smith St Collingwood or online at



With a secret wish of wanting to be a stand up comic but lacking in the quick wit or stage confidence, U&C was created to make myself and others Laugh.Out.Loud via amusing fridge magnets.Fridges are widely popular…and they should be sassed out to the max (I found a cheeky little gap in the market).
Constantly inspired by pop culture, nostalgic films/tv shows, gangster raps,day to day conversations and a general hatred for all things crocs and Taylor Swift.. making magnets has become more fun than Christmas with an extra bonus of meeting like-minded souls to LOL with.



Find us this Saturday along the river and by the Future Classic Stage!


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