Caity Chilton Art


Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.

I love to make art, 

brooches, bookmarks and such, just

for you, all day long!

Tell us a little about the origins of Caity Chilton Art.

I have always loved drawing and painting and would do so as often as possible, filling  up sketchbooks with scribbles and notes and exploring different mediums, like all sorts of paints and clay. I was then able to use my social media accounts to share my art with the world as it developed, met by a growing, positive and encouraging crowd of creators who inspired me to take it a step further and motivated me to open up an etsy store and sell my work.  

Describe your creative process.

When I come up with an idea I will generally write it down first and foremost in case it ever slips my mind and then create a little mock up sketch or two to adjust proportions and poses and such. The painting process follows which involves enlarging my final design and transferring onto my desired surface with pencil and then I get to have fun with my watercolours.  When it comes to my other crafty bits and bobs, I will generally just dive right in and go for it.
What inspires you the most?

When I first started taking art seriously my biggest influence was manga, anime and colourful Japanese pop stars, such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and whilst this still has had a huge impact on my overall style, my source of inspiration has since changed. Lately I’ve been discovering influence in birds and other animals (including my two fluffy dogs), plants, pretty houses and buildings, sweet food, Japanese fashion and happy people.

Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.

I love the work of Lisa Currie who always presents fun opportunities for other artist’s involvement, Carla McRae and her colourful illustrations as well as the lovely work of Hanna Mancini.

What are your ultimate dreams for Caity Chilton Art?

My dreams are still very hazy, so at the moment I’m happy to just continue creating and sharing and see where that takes me.

What will will we find from Caity Chilton Art at our July Bend and Snap Market?

A bunch of handmade goodies to use and wear. I’ll be selling hand-painted bookmarks, framed artworks, zines, stickers, badges and other bits and bobs. I hope everyone can find something they love!


Our winter market on Saturday 25th July to Sunday 26th July (see Caity Chilton Art on the Sunday from 12:00pm to 5:00pm)  will be an entire weekend-long celebration of local art and design featuring a selection of curated stalls with a plethora of art work, jewellery, home wares, DIY kits, second hand stalls and a few sweets and treats by Kylie’s Sweets and Treats (read: the most divine ginger bread goodies because consuming ginger to keep pesky winter flus at bay, right?!).


The smallest stones throw from the major shopping precincts in the CBD, come visit us in our Little Lonsdale nook and peruse through a range of fabulous artisanal everything coupled with the unique opportunity to meet and chat with the maker of each of the covetable wares that tickle your fancy!


Plated Image, connoisseur of delicate paper craft, will also be hosting papercraft workshop throughout the weekend, providing the materials and guidance to create your own bouquet of delicate paper flowers. Spaces in the workshop are limited and bookings are essential, email to reserve your place.


Come down for our weekend-long celebration of local art and design on Saturday 25th July to Sunday 26th July (12:00pm to 5:00pm on each day), with a variety of stall holders on each day and enjoy an afternoon of sating your hunger for inspiration and discovery (and sate your literal hunger with all-day-breakfast/lunch/early dinner with the delish dishes dished up at the cafe!).


Limited stall spaces still available, apply here:


Bend and Snap Market @ 1000 £ Bend

Saturday 25th July to Sunday 26th July, 12:00pm to 5:00pm
361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne




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