Sunshine Design & Illustration


Tell us a little about yourself using a Haiku.
Tresses of bright Blue
Painting by day and by night
Spreading joy and love


Tell us a little about the origins of Sunshine Design & Illustration.
Sunshine Design & Illustration actually started out as a predominantly graphic design based business. I realized quickly that people were more interested in my artwork then they were my design skills.
Illustration and art until that point had really only been my passion/hobby with the vague idea of making it more but never expecting it to happen.
Around 6months after starting Sunshine Design & Illustration I pretty much swapped my business model around to being predominantly art and illustration.
I haven’t regretted that decision one bit, I love what I do and I’ve learnt so much along the way. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
I love that other people get excited about my work, it makes me feel like I’m doing the right thing with my life and I cant wait to see what comes next!


Describe your creative process.
My creative process varies a bit. It depends on whether the piece is commission based or my own.

For my own work the process is sometimes quite long and sometimes very short. Sometimes I have an idea spring into my head based on and emotion or experience. Something that’s really vivid and I know exactly what I’m doing and why.
Other times I know what I want to do but I cant bring it to life without some kind of story for me to go with, which gives my paintings their character and emotion.

I’ve probably got a hundred ideas floating around in my head that may never come to be because I cant find meaning in them yet.

For commissions etc the process is different. I always ask for a range of images and stories that are special to put into the work. So I generally work from the emotions and experiences that these things portray and put them into a context that I can also connect with.


What inspires you the most?
Other artists and normal everyday people.
Its just great to talk to other artists about art, their art, your art, processes etc, it doesn’t matter. Everyone inspires everyone else in a big mushy pile of inspiration.

For those wonderful, crazy everyday people, Everyone has their own story and I love that.  I use bits and pieces from people, conversations and situations in most of my work.


Name some of your most favourite local artists and designers.
There’s quite a few but my top ones at the moment are:
Mel Macklin
Sophie McPike
Miss E 
Kelly Thompson

Their all pretty rad


What are your ultimate dreams for Sunshine Design & Illustration?
Ultimate is a big word!  
Right now I’d like Sunshine Design & Illustration to keep growing with more kids books and artwork.
I also think I need to get dog, everyone needs a mascot haha


What will will we find from Sunshine Design & Illustration at our July Bend and Snap Market?
Well hopefully and intriguing mix of goodies!
I’ll have all my prints there, also some limited edition ones which only have 1/100, also some smaller original Watercolour art.
I also love make brooches with my artwork and hopefully I’ll have some new clay critters to show you too!

Keep an eye out for me I’ll be the one with a huge smile on my dial! I can’t wait to meet you all!


Our winter market at 1000 £ Bend on Saturday 25th July to Sunday 26th July (see Sunshine Design & Illustration on both days from 12:00pm to 5:00pm) will be an entire weekend-long celebration of local art and design featuring a selection of curated stalls with a plethora of art work, jewellery, home wares, DIY kits, second hand stalls and a few sweets and treats by our girl Kylie (read: the most divine ginger bread goodies because consuming ginger to keep pesky winter flus at bay, right?!).


The smallest stones throw from the major shopping precincts in the CBD, come visit us in our Little Lonsdale nook and peruse through a range of fabulous artisanal everything coupled with the unique opportunity to meet and chat with the maker of each of the covetable wares that tickle your fancy!


Plated Image, connoisseur of delicate paper craft, will also be hosting papercraft workshop throughout the weekend, providing the materials and guidance to create your own bouquet of delicate paper flowers. Spaces in the workshop are limited and bookings are essential, email to reserve your place.


Come down for our weekend-long celebration of local art and design on Saturday 25th July to Sunday 26th July (12:00pm to 5:00pm on each day), with a variety of stall holders on each day and enjoy an afternoon of sating your hunger for inspiration and discovery (and sate your literal hunger with all-day-breakfast/lunch/early dinner with the delish dishes dished up at the cafe!).


Limited stall spaces still available, apply here:


Bend and Snap Market @ 1000 £ Bend

Saturday 25th July to Sunday 26th July, 12:00pm to 5:00pm

361 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne



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