Bend and Snap Christmas Market Sneaky Peek


Blake and Jess are Melbourne based Artists who combine their individual styles of design to create unique works of art. Drawing inspiration from nature, Blake and Jess create colourful and highly details designs which they turn into framed prints, mugs, jewellery, accessories and greetings cards.  Blake’s preferred medium is paint, while Jess prefers to work with ink and anything the sparkles. The artists challenge each other and are continually experimenting with different methods of producing their work. Sitting together in the high-school art room back in 2003, it was only a matter of time before the two artists came together to start something that makes them truly happy, and share what makes them happy with others.


Hand Crafted Ceramic Tableware.

Using traditional hand building techniques Daisy creates ceramic forms by pinching and coiling clay allowing her to create natural and ergonomically shaped vessels.

Each piece bares the marks of the making process much the same as the environment leaves on the landscape. Growing up in rural Scotland influences and inspires her work, searching for a sense of wilderness through her forms and colours.

By allowing the colour of the glazes to play an important role in her work, she creates unique unpredictable textures and patterns emphasised by the shapes of the clay body.


eevangelia is all about sharing my love for colour and abstract art! From canvas artworks to fabric pouches; to wooden coasters, jewellery and paper goods – my handmade creations are all about adding a bright colourful spark to interior spaces.

Juggling a corporate day job requires some sort of work/life balance, so one fine weekend in May 2015, I unleashed a hidden creative outlet and found a passion for colours, textures and patterns. The end result was a few pieces of original canvas artworks and lots of anxiety! After riding the exciting creative maker rollercoaster and turning my lounge room into a studio space, eevangelia is now an artistic brand with an online store and a growing fanbase of colour lovers on instagram!


Glitoris exists there but for the grace of glitter. A travelling troupe of glitter artists who love nothing more than creating individual looks for the young and the young at heart, Glitoris works with that most sparkly and sublime of substances – GLITTER.

Founded in the belief that “More is more”, by three Taswegians Ali Gay, Grace Richards and Victoria May, Glitoris creates inclusive spaces where people feel comfortable to expss

themselves however they choose – just so long as it involves glitter.

On a mission to leave no person, or body-part, un-glittered, Glitoris won’t stop until PleasureGarden is a sea of sparkle.

Glitter lover or glitter hater, just don’t fight it. Let the glit in, it will take you over.


What do you get when you cross a lost graphic designer and a frustrated fitter and turner, both with a love of vintage, rockabilly and just a little bit twisted?? Answer: Lady A Broad Design.

Lady A Broad is not just, yet another brooch company.  Not Just cute brooches, each Lady A Broad brooch is a quality wearable work of art designed and painstakingly created right here in the Yarra Valley Victoria. Lady A Broad brooches are for the intelligent consumer not just for pretties, as each brooch can posses a clever double meaning name, or  a cheeky crossing of cultures, forbidden love, or a twisted sense of irony. All our brooches are linked to one another through blood, folklore or desire. Each is as unique as it is different.


Bush dye, ink, charcoal on handmade paperbark paper.

Melanie has lived in Wagga Wagga, Wiradjuri Country for 11 years now and a practicing artist for over 20 years. Starfishdreamings is a business that has been operating since 2000 and has allowed Melanie to work for herself and represent other Aboriginal artists in various projects throughout this time.

Melanie recently curated a touring exhibition, ‘Giilanggalang’ (2016) that gave 20 Aboriginal artist’s the opportunity to express their own form of art and demonstrate the diversity of contemporary Aboriginal art within the Eastern Riverina Arts region. Melanie also completed a traineeship at the Wagga Wagga Art Gallery (2009-2012) as an ‘Indigenous emerging curator’ from a partnership with Arts NSW. This saw her curate three major exhibitions that showcased the revival of traditional weaving practices with Wiradjuri women Elders, Aboriginal women and non Aboriginal women in Wagga Wagga. She has also co ordinated cultural exchanges between other Indigenous women weavers from Victoria and Gapuwiyak, Arnhem Land, NT.

She has done large scale murals in Perth and Wagga Wagga, many cultural art school holiday programs, curated exhibitions and NAIDOC events for schools, large institutions and community. She creates in the mediums of painting, print, drawing, mixed media, weaving, textiles and bush dyes. Melanie has also recently been selected as a finalist in the 2016 Telstra Awards.


left: Dillybags – jute/cotton, seagrass, emu feather, right: education kit (Wiradjuri women) – scoop, dillybag, string bag, possum skin armband.

Aunty Gail Manderson ( Wiradjuri Elder, N.S.W.)

Aunty Gail is a Wiradjuri Elder and a Master Weaver. She teaches Wiradjuri language in local schools through storytelling, art and weaving. Aunty Gail has baskets in International collections and the Australian Museum’s cultural Collections, and exhibits regularly, creating weaving installations to tell her stories. Aunty Gail is passionate about education and the wellbeing of her local Aboriginal community, volunteering as an Aboriginal Support person for the Wagga Wagga Police.


Nani products are designed and handcrafted by artist/ illustrator/ designer Nani Puspasari with love and care. Her cheerful, and sometimes goofy personality often introduces a playful angle to her products. Fun, quirky and colourful. Inspirations also comes from the beauty of everyday objects and the natural environment. Products include hand-built ceramic, pillowcase, zine, stickers and greeting cards.


Posy Blossom is about courage, kindness and creativity. Kym left her corporate career of 10 years to pursue her dream of nurturing her own creative talents while spreading happiness in the community. She has developed her own unique style of boutique-vintage which is spreading its wings throughout Melbourne’s South East. What started as a small “Happiness Project” has now grown into floral events, workshops and custom decor.


Stephanie Elicia is a Melbourne based Textile Designer. Her work is colourful and joyous with a naïve illustrative style. Stephanie’s work is easily identifiable through her use of pearlescent inks, water colours and all things that sparkle! Drawing inspiration from wildlife conservation and native flora, Stephanie creates dream like narratives through her imaginative illustrations. Her current range consists of limited edition embroidery patches, home-wares and paper craft for the young and the young at heart. Stephanie’s aim is to bring joy to every day!


Tennessee was born in France, from a very young age she always knew that her passion was in art. Upon completing high school she began a 5 year degree at ESAG Penninghen in Paris studying Graphic Design. She worked for 3 years in a scenography agency based in Paris, as an artistic director. Creating showroom and window displays for the fashion industry, working for international brands. 

Then deciding for a change of scenery made her way to Australia. All year long, she frequents the live music scene and the Australian and European festivals, always looking for inspiration in her work. Born from that inspiration is her brand The Hat Matters, hand made festival styled hats. Each hat has it’s own unique universe which you’re sure to fall in love with… She can also design a unique hat to suit a character that you want to play at festival, or on a more day to day basis she will create a hat who suit your personality.


Candy Ng is an emerging illustrator from Melbourne, Australia. Her work is often described as whimsical and imaginative, filled with inspiration from the nature, adventures, words and happy thoughts. Candy’s work includes picture books, pot planters, enamel pins, art prints, letterpress cards and etc.


Timber Arcadia is made up of Jenny and James who both share a passion for woodworking and design, creating a range of fun geometric products with fine hand-crafted construction. All of their products are one of a kind artisan timber creations, every piece made by hand in their small studio in Melbourne Australia!

Come and join us for some festive fun, peruse the cool wares and meet the makers at our last market for the year on at 1000 £ Bend on Sunday 11th December 11:00am to 4:00pm as we celebrate local art and design and a whole lot of glitter with our pals from GLITORIS GLIT taking over the Crafternoon Corner, ’tis the season!



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